Music influences our Subconscious

Music is linked to Memory

We can associate a song with where we were when we first heard it. It can take you back decades.  You not only remember the place you were when you heard it but you will remember how you felt when you heard it.

Music opens our eyes and our memory. We can see in our mind what the music connects us to. 

It "connects to feelings". The very rhythm of the music is part of the connection.  Words associated with music are much more easy to memorize.

People with dementia, alzheimer’s, and a variety of diseases that cause brain damage, have experienced improvements from listening to favorite music from their early years. Perhaps it, in its own way, does some rewiring. 

When music is added to scripture it is called a hymn and it takes on an additional power for believers. An example of scripture and music done so well together is"Handel’s Messiah".  

Hymns are felt. Scriptures are often something that the reader has a strong belief in. People care about scripture. A powerful combination.

Our subconscious feeds us what it has been conditioned. Feelings go directly to the subconscious are feelings.  Music and feelings go faster. 

We react very differently to different tempo’s and styles. Some supermarkets play the music slower to slow down the shoppers and create more sociability, resulting in more buying.

There is so much more to understand about music's influence on us. I hope to explore this more in future posts.