Past Tense, A Jack Reacher Novel, by Lee Child


Past Tense, A Jack Reacher Novel, by Lee Child does indeed deliver insight into the Reacher family’s history, going back to the place of birth for his father. The trip leaves him on foot in the middle of rural New Hampshire walking where he has to choose at a fork in the road between  going to Portsmouth or Lacona.

30 miles away from the town a young Canadian couple has car trouble and stop at a small motel buried on a small road in the forest where they are only guests. They find the motel unsettling and Child leaves us just as uncertain about their fate for much of the book. This is a noticeable change in the past plots that works well.

Reacher finds questionable evidence of his father’s existence but a 75-year-old assault case in which Stan Reacher is named has surprising similarity with some trouble Reacher finds in town. He wakes up out of a sound sleep from a noise below the threshold of consciousness prompted to find and help a woman under attack and gives her assailant a beating. The assailant has a similar profile to the assault cases victim found on his father’s police records.

More connections are found, and they take him, just in time, to the strange motel where the Canadian couple desperately need him.

This Reacher story has some new plot twists and holds our interest completely.

Interesting Items

Someone, somewhere, buys one of Child’s Jack Reacher crime thrillers every 13 seconds. 

Past Tense, published in November, is the 23rd Reacher novel.