Jack Reacher Novel, Die Trying, by Lee Child


Jack Reacher is an innocent bystander just pausing for a minute to help a very good looking lady, with a injured leg, with her dry cleaning near her Chicago office. The bad guys come up and force them both into a car at gunpoint. The lady is an FBI agent, daughter of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and more, Reacher is. of course. Lee Child’s tall, strong and talented hero in a whole series of stories.

The search begins with the security camera footage making it look like Reacher is one of the bad guys to McGrath, the FBI office leader, and the other agent.

Reacher and Holly finally are taken to the Montana home of a radical military sect wishing to secede from the US. The leader, Beau Borken , plans to use Holly as leverage to make her father agree to his demand.

Borken executes Loder, the leader of the kidnappers, for multiple failures, and Reacher is shown around the camp with the intent of sending him back with information on the militia's credibility. Before long  Borken  doesn’t trust Reacher and puts him on trial.

The FBI figures out where the militia is, but fearing political fallout from a bloodbath, they refuse to authorize an attack, McGrath and his men go rogue, setting up camp near the rogue military community.

McGrath and his men are captured but are then saved by Reacher, therefore proving his own innocence. It becomes obvious that at least one of McGrath’s agents, Brogan and Milosevic, are moles working for Borken for money.

Eventually the FBI make it to the camp after Reacher has saved Holly and McGrath. They realize that Borken had a diversion in mind using Holly and a truck filled with dynamite is on its way to be blown up in a large crowd celebrating the 4th of July in a major city.

Reacher eventually saves the day, proves to be a masterful marksman and is the hero of yet another well written interesting Lee Child action novel.

Picture of Lee Child and a picture of “Rock” Dwayne Johnson who is not Jack Reacher in the movie, but should have been……………..Anyone but Tom Cruise!