Run Away, by Harlen Coben


Harlan Coben is well known for his writing style of misdirection and catching readers off guard,  his new book, “Run Away” is a masterpiece bringing unexpected twists to this mystery.

Simon Greene is a successful Wall Street executive and his wife Ingrid is a successful pediatrician. They have three kids but the oldest, Paige, recently quite college and disappeared. Simon saw his daughter, now a drug addict playing the guitar and panhandling in Central Park.  She runs. Simon chases her but is confronted by her boyfriend who is also an addict named Aaron.  Both Aaron and Paige get away.  The confrontation is captured on video and it goes viral and Simon looks bad. It isn’t long before Aaron is found beaten to death and Simon is a suspect. Both Simon and his wife, Ingrid, focuses on finding Paige.

Several story-lines are also unfolding. One has to do with a Chicago-based private investigator named Elena Ramirez, who is searching for another missing person and several other cases are taking place in Boston and New Jersey.  It becomes clear that the cases are connected but it is a surprise when it all becomes clear.


“Most religious people don’t believe the dogma, Ash. We take from it what we want, we discard what we don’t. We form whatever narrative we like—kind God, vengeful God, active God, laid-back God, whatever. We just make sure we get something out of it. Maybe we get life everlasting while people we resent burn for eternity. Maybe we get something more concrete—money, a job, friends. You just change the narrative.”

 “Terrific," Simon said. "The psychos are on my side.” 

“This is for Jersey, the good dog, who would be happy to share this bench with you”

 “And bad stays. Bad doesn't go away. You bury bad, it digs itself out. You throw bad in the middle of the ocean, it comes back at you like a tidal wave.”

 “Love your parents - while we are busy growing up, they are growing old.”

 “Truth is truth. By definition. Anything else is a lie.”