POINT OF VIEW MATTERS...................Your point of view makes all the difference. Do your research first. Find out about the companies goals and vision before you talk to them. Know who your going to be talking to in an interview. It will show when you have done your homework first when looking at a new job option.


Is What Were Doing Reflective Of What Were Capabe Of?

In a review I wrote about the book "Education, A Memoir, by Tara Westover" this quote by her stands out.

  “First find out what you are capable of, then decide who you are.” 


The quote describes what Westover did with her life. She had to make the decisions on her own and take the steps on her own. She was obviously capable of much more.

I also found a comment on the inside cover of the book that said, "Educated is an account of the struggle for self-invention".

I wrote "As You Look At Your Own Life Story You See Yourself Differently" last December in the Essays section of this blog. My focus in that article was on how we can re invent ourselves and how we see our past differently as we look back on it. We actually can change what the past experiences did for us as we rethink them.

Tara Westover found out who she was as shown in her memoir. Looking back at our own life story can help us find out who we are and that effort can make us better..

Give some thought to your life story. Find out what your capable of and then keep doing your best.

(See the Review of this book, Educated, A Memoir on this site. A full review was reprinted in the St. George Utah News)


Building Teams for your Start Up


Be careful with your new hires in a startup. Talented people want to work with other talented people because they enjoy the inspiration and celebrating each other’s success. Seeking creativity is different from running from restrictions and rules. Build a team, don’t just fill positions.