Cell a novel by Stephen King


“The event that came to be known as The Pulse” began at 3:03p.m. eastern standard time, on October 1st and within ten hours, most of the scientists capable of understanding what happened were either dead or insane”

The Pulse was a signal that comes through an international cell phone network into those listening to their phones and it turns everyone who hears it into mindless maniacs referred to as phoners.  Some who didn’t have cell phones are still normal, but it is unclear how many are left. The world has become a battleground between two visions of the future.

The story starts in Boston Common with Clayton Riddell getting ready to celebrate his new novel’s release by buying an ice cream cone. He is surrounded by several people talking on cell phones. A man hangs up his phone and turns on the ice cream salesperson and tears his throat out with his teeth. Anyone who was on the phone at that time changes into a mindless monster.  The phones signal has erased their minds.

Tom and Clayton get away and decide to go to Maine to find and rescue Clayton’s son. Alice, and Jordan both teenagers and team up with them.

Stephen King got his idea for this book when he observed a woman walking out of a hotel. The Cell is the 53rd book published by Stephen King and was his 44th novel.


“Man has come to dominate the planet thanks to two essential traits. One is intelligence. The other has been the absolute willingness to kill anyone and anything that gets in his way.” 

“This is how a man looks when he's deciding that the risk of death is better than the risk of change.” 

“He said the mind can calculate, but the spirit yearns, and the heart knows what the heart knows.