The Forbidden Door, A Jane Hawk Novel, by Dean Koontz


Dean Ray Koontz writes suspense thrillers where he uses the genre of horror, fantasy, science fiction, and satire.

His new book, The Forbidden Door, is another Jane Hawk novel, telling of her one-woman fight against a full-blown government mind-control conspiracy that lead to the death of her husband turning her into the #1 fugitive in the country.  

She was framed and disgraced by the FBI where she had been an agent and they are closing in on her young son, Travis, who has been hidden with friends. Jane has been untouchable by the collection of agencies that are conspiring to find her and they think finding her son will force her into the open Jane will do whatever it takes to save him.

The government forces chasing her are called Techno Arcadians and they plan to remake and control the world by injecting their enemies and with nanoconstructs, turning them into mindless robots.  Egon Gottfrey leads the group chasing her. He thinks that their group is being directed by an out of this world Unknown Playwright.  

Some exciting scenes come from some of some of Jane’s support groups also targeted by the Arcadians. In one group twelve-year-old Laurie survives the pursuit of a sadistic, brain-altered female FBI agent and the plan fails.

In the end some of the bad guys are killed and Jane moves on.

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