A Trail Of Memories- The Quotations Of- Louis L'Amur, Angelique L'Amour


Angelique L'Amour has remembered her father, Louis, by organizing many of the quotes from his books into the book, A Trail of Memories: The Quotations of Louis L'Amour.  The chapter titles are categories that the quotes fit into: Life, Opportunity, Hard Work, Family and Home, Women, Time, Growth and Change, Civilization, Belief and more.

The quotes are interesting to L'Amour fans and remind us of the compelling flow of his dialog. He said: "Characters have a way of taking on a life on their own, expressing themselves in the simple philosophy of their times, and expressing beliefs acquired through living, working, and being. Once characters are established, they become their own persons and the ideas of the characters are such ideas as they might have acquired in the circumstances of their daily existence."

Angelique said in book's introduction "By reading his words, each reader has met a part of my father......Each hero has a bit of Dad's experience that makes him who he is. With Lanso, it is all those boxing matches as Dad grew up. With Barnabas Sackett, it is the sailor and explorer in my father...I think that this collection of quotations from my father's books reveals much of what makes Dad who he is, for these words are the heart and soul of what he believes, and what he wants to leave behind."

Louis L'Amour would likely not want to be remembered for his quotes which is clear when he said; "I think of myself in the oral tradition-as a troubadour, a village tale-teller, the man in the shadows of the campfire. That's the way I'd like to be remembered- as a storyteller. A good storyteller." 

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Sackett's Land (1974)

  • We are all of us, it has been said, the children of immigrants and foreigners — even the American Indian, although he arrived here a little earlier. 

The Quick and the Dead (1973)

  •  He was almighty quick at a time when a man was either quick or he was dead.


The Lonesome Gods (1983)

  • Each people has its gods, or the spirits in which they believe. It may be their god is the same as ours, only clothed in different stories, different ideas, but a god can only be strong, Hannes, if he is worshiped, and the gods of those ancient people are lonesome gods now.