No Middle Name, The Complete Collected Jack Reacher Short Stories, by Lee Child

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A collection of 12 stories with 2 from Reacher’s teenage years—especially good is the one in which 13-year-old Reacher finds himself an army brat newly arrived with his family in Okinawa faced with a neighborhood bully. That ends as expected but then he also saves his father and brother from problems and finds time and occasion to give a neighbor girl her first kiss. She asked how she did, and he told her it was a better kiss than the four other kisses he had previous experienced from 2 other girls.

For those who have not followed through so many books our hero is ex-Army. He is a ex-military policeman, 6 foot 5 inches in his socks, 220-250 lbs. an a 50-inch chest. Hair: dirty-blond. Eyes: ice-blue.  (This is Not Tom Cruise so erase that image if you have it)

The twelve stories include Too Much Time, Second Son, High Heat, Deep Down, Small Wars, James Penny’s New Identity, Everyone Talks, Not a Drill, Maybe They Have a Tradition, Guy Walks into a Bar, No Room at the Motel and The Picture of the Lonely Diner.

I like the complete longer novels, and I think Child’s skill in building up tension and anticipation is actually better suited for them, but these short stories were great.

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“Waste not, want not, make do and mend, don’t make an exhibition of yourself.” 

“I was in the 110th MP,” Reacher said. “I’m not scared of PTSD. PTSD is scared of me.” 

“Without breaking stride Reacher head-butted him full in the face. Left, right, bang. A perfect ten, for style and content, and power and precision.” 

See Lee Child Literary Section

See Literary Section for Lee Child and also see links to all his books. Click here

The Literary Section will show that I read a lot of Lee Child Books. I also read a lot of John Steinbeck, C.S. Lewis , Maya Angelou, Stepehen King and other books. I have to ask myself on occasions why do I keep reading these Jack Reacher novels? Well Stephen King can be explained in part because he is such a good writer, and I like his approach. Lee Child seems to be a master at plot. That is my excuse and I will stick with it.