Smoke From This Altar, Poems By Louis L'Amour


Louis L'Amour's wife, Kathy, wrote an introduction for this book which was, in 1939, his first published book, and it contains many of what L'Amour considered to be his best poems.

She said of that time, that "poetry was the expression of Louis' most important thoughts and feelings. It was the first manner in which he wrote about his life, his views, and the places he had seen."

His poetry received high praise. A poem he had published in the Daily Oklahoma, "Banked Fires", was commented on by the editor who sent him a letter saying "the poem is exquisite........The craftsmanship shows the master workman...........The imagery is all one could ask." 

The poems found in "Smoke From This Altar" are reflective of a master craftsman. You will find poetry that takes you to and resonates with his writings of the American Frontier, and the stories he is so well known for. 

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L'Amour's books are beloved and are favorites of many, many, people. Even if you don't like poetry this book, "Smoke From This Alter", is something L'Amour fans will like and then see him as a person, more clearly.   

Louis L'Amour's Poem: "Life"

I dream , and my dreams are all broken;I love and my loving is in vain...I speak, and the words are all spoken,I look and see nothing but pain."