Things That Matter Most



Love Freedom

Aesthetic Feeling

Learning Integrity

Human Relationships

Sensuous Satisfactions

Health Economic Sufficiency

Author Lowell Bennion laid out in his book, "Things That Matter Most" a pyramid of values. It is based on health and economic sufficiency. Then the pyramid rises through the values of leaning, faith, and sensuous satisfactions; and it builds in such qualities as creativity, freedom, integrity, love, and human relationships as it reaches for the pinnacle of a life fulfilled.


Find Joy in the Journey

If you type "find joy in the journey" into google the first item to come up is this thought expressed in a message by President Thomas S. Monson of the LDS Church.

Let us relish life as we live it, find joy in the journey, and share our love with friends and family.

The pictures section of this blog is a series of pictures that represent joy along the way. The book section lists books that many of took me beyond my reach of experience and brought joy. 

It Matters that things are amazing and beautiful!

Aesthetic enthusiasm. This has to do with the beauty of the world.

This is "reason #2" from a previous post which was about 4 reasons that people write. It was taken from George Orwell's book,

"Why I Write".


Aesthetic enthusiasm suggests that you feel that something is just amazing or beautiful.  

You may be really exited just thinking about something. You may love chocolate brownies but does that mean you need to write about them? I do like chocolate brownies, by then way, but I prefer them to be a little more crisp or cake like, compared to gooey. (By the way use hot water and it goes gooey, and cold goes more like cake)

So that said yes I did just write about brownies because they came to mind as something I had some passion for. So yes I do think  it matters how you feel about something, and that is a good guide to decide what to write about. 

The other day I stopped to take a picture of a old Studebaker Truck. It was about a 1952. It was green, a wonderful shinny deep green, and it just shouted out to me: "I am sitting here in this parking lot waiting for someone to love me and take my picture". I heard it call and got out and went to take the picture. It took several pictures before I felt that I had done my job. It is a great picture. It is my picture now so I refer to it as "my truck". 

It mattered. It spoke to me. I had some deep aesthetic enthusiasm for the truck and I acted on it. Now of course I have written about it. It may not be the last time.

Everyday I look up at the mountains  and just marvel. They are my mountains and I need to write about them every time I can.  I love these mountains. The are rugged. I have many memories of being on them.  They call often. Sometimes to be photographed, or written about or even to have me run on a trail.

Write about what you love.