Several Poems by Brent M. Jones

Poems by Brent M. Jones

Butterflies are Light

A butterfly chooses where to land.
Bringing light and beauty on its wings.
Light sitting, like a sunbeam.
Choosing when to leave

Help me Lord

Memory fill the night. Please help make my pain and memories light. In your arms I find comfort. Guide me in my days. Help me Lord, this night

The Trip

Challenge and wonder are along your path. Each day a new turn will attract what you ask. Others may seek the beauty of your trail. Focus on your journey and leave the destination for last. 


Words are wind. 

They blow away your Footprints. Make sure your words. Respect others footprints. So others will respect yours.

Lying Eyes

Who you going to believe.                          Who are you going to call.                            Those lying eyes might just tell all.

                                     Baez and Dylan

Voices Singing
Messages Ringing
Thoughts of Being

Who Will Stop It

Good Men stand against corruption and War.
Government promises, nothing changes, only more.
Who will stop it. Who, is it only more?