Poems by Brent M. Jones

Poems by Brent M. Jones

Song of Tonight

No rage, just light.          Embraced by the old   Touched with the light     Is the new world like the old. 

Are memories going to die.                        Memories of fathers, families, friends.

Truth is eternal.              Things will be right        For now desire,            Only to do whats right.


Thank You for Coming

I asked for direction
You came into my life
I hurt you, you hurt me.
I learned I was wrong

I said I was sorry
Sorry I caused harm

You listened and helped me
Our lives seem improved
Thank you for coming



Love Pure, Kindness Reflected, Virtue Defined

Motive Hurts, Heart still Rules, Not the Mind Goodness still comes           From the Heart, Not the Mind

Till We Meet Again

Will we meet again
Have we met before
If not then, is it only now?
Is now all we have          If we met before,
Could that be why         We have met again

Did we exist before
Will we live again

What is the purpose of knowing you now, if not then?

Why did you hurt me?
Why did I hurt you?
Did we care then?

When I see you, if we meet again, 
I will care then
I will be sorry if I hurt you


Poetry Is About Feelings

Poetry is about feelings. The poet takes feelings and uses words to express them. The artist takes feelings and uses paint or clay to express them.  Art informs and people see what art wants them to see. Poetry informs of feelings. A picture is like a poem and it takes memories and captures them. Memories may be a form of poetry.