Several Poems by Brent M. Jones

Not Alone 

I felt alone, I had no answers
A person came and filled the need.

I felt concerned with my progress
A person came and had a need.

Why did they come
How did the know
Are we all connected
Help me to know

Life Story

Goodness of People, Often blurs each day A life story reveals what's in the way.

Day Breaks

Day breaks, leaving night behind
The light comes softly, a little at a time
Colors step from the darkness
A new day, with more time


Words to Verse

Feelings become Words                     Through Song and Verse                 Heart and Soul Longs to Express

Thoughts Connect with Emotion   

The Heart knows the Words.The Soul Connects with Verse


 Crown of Rust

Once a Giant, a Thing of Class           Rusting, sitting on the Grass.              Greatness could be Restored    Rusted from the Roof to the Ground   A new day, A new Color                     Rust now a Crown