What is your greatest weakness?

What do you say when your asked about your greatest weaknesses? Remember that every weakness should be one that, within a professional setting, you learned from. Maybe you talk too much, so you explain that you carry a notepad and take notes to ensure you listen. (go ahead, write that down)


Helping Others Matters.

Share knowledge, give feedback, let people know you believe in them ...........................HELPING OTHERS MATTERS --We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill m

Make a difference help others………………


Proper Tie Length

Should you wear a tie to a job interview? Often the answer is YES, but you would want to wear appropriate clothing for where you are applying. If you wear a tie, then wear it correctly, just touching the belt. Would you hire someone who is wearing a tie too long or even worse too short to meet the public?

Proper Tie Length is important

Proper Tie Length is important

Connection Allegory *

CONNECTION ALLEGORY: Nothing good comes from rusty connections. Don't let it happen


“Allegory”, according to Wikipedia, has the ability to freeze a story that might seem to be just a story for the moment while infusing it with spiritual context. It uses symbolic fictional figures (the pipes) and actions of truths and generalizations about human existence.