Implications of selfish

Today in a casual conversation the person I was talking with mentioned liking the books written by Ayn Rand and quoted the following statement from her. “The rational pursuit of selfish gain on the part of each individual must give rise to the ideal form of society”. I think this comment appeals to a lot of people and does attract some serious readers to her books.

Even thought capitalism is often promoted with the idea of self interest as a driving force I still think that this thought is largely “bunk”. 

Ayn Rand loved the idea of the pursuit of selfish gain in a free market and since the market place was free if some didn’t succeed, then that was too bad and she even added that they deserved it.  With her Russian background she ought to have understood that marketplaces are really never free. Those who are successful block the path for others. 

(I don't intend to write about politics on the blog but                 literature does take us there sometimes.)