The Good Wolf is Open to New Connections.

By Brent M. Jones

Which wolf do you feed? Is your heart and soul the real residence of your passion? Does loving what you do, or what your working on, attract creativity? Does it feed your soul? Something has to happen, that adds to what you have, for creativity begin and whatever it is that feeds your soul, opens the door to creativity becoming a "link in a chain' that the next artist will be able to build on .  

What is it that we love is the key question? Another important question is why is it that we love it? What does that love feed within us?

The story of the good wolf and the bad wolf is a good beginning to find this out. There are two wolves in this story, one good and one bad. The good wolf is patient, kind, unselfish, loving, loyal, honest, and all those good things we know are good.

The bad wolf is just the opposite, not patient, hateful, jealous, dishonest, mean, and all those things we know are bad.

Each of us go through life influenced by one of these wolves. Whichever one we choose will live with us, and influence all we do. So the important question is, which one, and how is it that we are the one that makes the choice. The answer is that the wolf that stays with you is the one you feed.

The bad wolf wants hateful things, not good. This wolf isn't patient or kind. The bad wolf is not interested in new things and won't attract creativity and doesn't want you to succeed. 

The good wolf wants to learn and is hungry for knowledge. He wants to see new things and to read and learn new things. He loves books and especially likes to read your daily journal and to do list.  The good wolf attracts more good, and new ideas are attracted to what you already know. 

In the book, "A Life You Love by Amy Tangerine", the book starts out discussing how to “craft a life and soul that you love”.  Amy asks “what is it that we love?”

A writer may love the characters in a story. A painter may love the object being painted. When something new is added creativity happens. A non fiction story can be come fiction, when even just one of the characters becomes a product of the writers imagination. Then when that new character interacts with the others the writer will have to listen to find out what happens next in the plot, and creativity takes place.

Sometimes it is the writers emotions and feelings about the current characters that become the motivation to find a new character.  The bad wolf doesn't want to let you look inside your subconscious for ideas, and instead teaches you to look instead for who to blame and hate. 

The artist who only sees things as not good enough will never listen close enough to have the art inform of what may not be seen at first.  The good wolf will teach you to look deeper than the surface and to listen

When we connect all that we have learned to our experiences, and then listen, the doors open.