Thoughts on Rankings/ Food vs's Books

Yesterday I read a list of America's top 10 chain restaurants ranked.  A Chicago Tribune article gave a pretty complete overview of 10 of the biggest chains. Only 2 or 3 seemed to the reviewer to have been an experience that was worthwhile. The question this raised is that he went out and found the ten biggest chains and then wondered which was best.  Big doesn't always mean good.  For example, Cracker Barrel was rated #1 ? Seemed a little odd.

I have also spent some time putting a "Prior Book Reviews Tab" in place. This allows the viewer to see the books reviewed this year and by clicking on the book they will go directly to that review. No ranking is suggested. I have some favorites I post under Author & Books. Those are just my favorites. Books and resturants are different as far as being able to be ranked. Good is more subjective with books. Some resturants are bad and it goes past subjective.   

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