Thoughts on Solutide

Good advice on writing is to have a regular private place to do it. Turn off the TV, and work in the quiet.

I recently listened to a nutritionist discuss healthy life habits. She suggested that sleep was especially important, and that it should be done in a room with no noise or lights. She added that the cell phone ought to be turned off or not left in the room to ding all night. Nothing new here but even so it suggests some changes.

Solitude is healthy, apparently.  Background lights and noise may not be healthy, or even helpful, at certain times.  I do write with a TV on sometimes but quiet is better.  Sometimes you think habits and routine are important because they are habits and routine, but working in solitude is better.  Creativity is easier when you have no competition for your attention.  

I went for a walk today. As usual, I was thankful for the blue skies and the crisp air. It was peaceful and quiet, and I did notice that.  Walking is a opportunity to think and ponder, and that personal quiet time is an easy habit to look forward to and it is helpful.