Surprising Day to see a Wild Turkey

I made a list of the 10 things I am most thankful for on Thanksgiving and of course "family" is always the top of that list. Down the list was, among other things, blue sky, cool crisp air outside, and the sun.  Just being outside is enough to make you feel good if you have at least blue sky and sun. The sun on your face or back is so good.

Today one of the first things I saw, with the help of a family member pointing it out, was a wild turkey. 


I need to let you know that this picture above was a stock internet picture. I didn't get the actual wild turkey on camera. We did get it on a telescope and that was great.

Yesterday we read about a women we all know from the daily TV who apparently had posted a stock photo pecan pie in a note she sent someone mentioning her great pecan pie she had made. The article criticizing her felt it was deceptive to imply that her pie was the picture perfect pie.

So for the sake of "photo purity" I want to make sure to confess that this picture may or may not be close to the one I saw. My sighting was sticking it's head up above the sage brush and I saw a tail poking up also.  Both the the family members who spent more time on the telescope than I did gave it their official "that is a real wild turkey" ok.