Thanksgiving Day

You will hear a lot of people refer to this as their favorite holiday. Probably not the person who fixes the Thanksgiving day dinner but many think it is great because you don't have to buy a lot of presents and isn't the huge activity that Christmas is.  Some thoughts thinking back. Start out with Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

This is a great TV event for the rest of us not living in New York.  You can take the traditional approach and just sit back in awe. Or you can take a little more casual approach and make fun of a lot of what you see. Patti Labelle comes by on the Ocean Spray float and someone in the room says "gee wonder if they paid her in Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce". By itself that isn't all that funny but stack it on to an hour or two of wise cracks and it can be pretty funny.

If your a runner, the morning will offer a good race. Or if your older you can think about the 13 marathons you ran and how they probably ruined your body. 

Eating is of course a good way to spend the day. This year we had special placements on the table starting early in the morning. Some boxes of Crayolas were also on the table and we got to color the placements and then at the bottom of the mats were some lines and above a note saying "I am Thankful For."  It is good to spend some time doing that. Don't get carried away. A meaner approach is to ask for "Things I hate" and then after dinner if you all read them to each other you can feel really good if someone is thankful for you or of course if you take the low road you can feel really bad is someone has your name down as things they hate about Thanksgiving.