No Man's Land, by David Baldacci


David Baldacci’s fourth novel in his John Puller book series was published in November 2016 and takes place 30 years after Puller’s mother disappeared from Fort Monroe in Virginia. A terminally ill neighbor has sent a letter to the CID accusing Puller father, now fighting dementia in a VA hospital, of having murdered his mother Jackie and an investigation begins again. The woman’s husband had served with Puller’s father in Vietnam, so the family connections are deep, making her somewhat credible.

At the same time Paul Rogers is released from prison and he sets out on his own quest to seek revenge on events that go back 30 years.

The tension between characters holds our interest and we see their own humanity more clearly as the plot unfolds. 

Baldacci weaves a plot that holds our interest, of course.


“Facts are irrefutable. Truths coming from those facts can be difficult to accept, particularly when they are of a personal nature. But truths, Agent Puller, cannot be ignored. Any more than lies can. And people do lie to themselves. All the time.”

“Come on, soldier, you put your life on the line for your country. A damn zipper shouldn’t be too hard.”

“You fought for the flag and country you represented. But you really fought for the guy beside you.”