Saving Faith by David Baldacci


Faith Lockhart has been working with lobbyist Danny Buchanan to help poor children in countries around the world. Buchanan’s lifetime of lobby efforts lead him to find ways to pay off members of Congress to fund his efforts. Lockhart believes in the cause and in Buchanan and is a full partner in the plan.

Robert Thornhill, a Deputy Director in the Central Intelligence Agency, finds out about what Buchanan has done and sees it as a way to regain congressional support. With a renegade CIA faction, he attempts to reassert the agency's dominance over the FBI by manipulating members of Congress who fund both outfits. The plan to take over the bribery scheme but they must get Buchanan out of the way.

First, however, they'll have to kill the FBI person guarding Faith.  Buchanan has hired Lee Adams a private investigator to see what Faith is doing. Adams gets more involved that he expected when an attempt to kill Faith is blocked through his efforts and he winds up on her side. Faith is on the run from the FBI, the CIA and her boss, Danny Buchanan and she at first isn’t sure about Adams.

The plot twists and turns and we are left waiting to the end to see if Faith is Saved.

David Baldacci

His first novel, Absolute Power, was published in 1996, it tells the story of a fictional American president and his Secret Service agents who are willing to commit murder in order to cover up the accidental death of a woman with whom the President was having an affair. He was born August 5, 1960. To date he has published 36 best-selling novels 


“were rabid, foaming bats blindly cleaving the air around his head. And it seemed that every few steps he would run straight into a twister of mosquitoes. Though he had been paid a large amount of cash up front, he was seriously considering increasing his daily fee on this one.” 

“And when they were elected, they arrived in Washington with absolutely no idea what to do. Their only goal had already been achieved: They had won their campaign. However,”

“People who believe themselves to be True patriots tend to be zealots. Zealots, in my opinion are one short step from being lunatics