The Whistler by John Grisham


The Whistler by John Grisham



John Grisham continues to use his "formula for writing successful books" and it is still addictive. He has written about 30 legal thrillers.  His books are just plain fun to read. Both Grisham and Stephen King are addictive authors.

"The Whistler" opens, of course, with judicial investigator Lacy Stoltz concerned about a judge on the take.  A lawyer who went to jail and is now out is going to help. (this indeed is the formula but Grisham’s)

It is a story of racketeering that combines the uppity Gulf Coast society, some brilliant legal minds, and the old Catfish Mafia now evolved into the Coast Mafia. (No one weaves legal situations and the life in the Southeast better)

Lacy’s approach is to learn how bad the judge is. The answer is very bad, and the bad guys are getting away with murder. Thank goodness for a whistle-blower and those helping her who also have plans of their own.

I have read and enjoyed all of John Grisham’s books but not often have I reviewed his books. Knowing a little more about him can help. A story about him from January 2016 gives some insight into his career.

Bookends, a popular literary TV show, had John Grisham and Steven King as their main attraction. They have been friends for 25 years and you could feel the respect that they both had for each other both personally and professionally.

In this special they both shared a lot about their career. Grisham shared his experience in writing his first book, "A Time to Kill". He said he bought the first run of 1000 copies and then worked to sell them all himself. That was back in 1989.

John Grisham was a surprise and it was interesting to see how similar his and Stephen King's lives and careers had been. Similiar careers. Both started with a break on their first book. Both talented writers.