Under The Dome by Stephen King


A science fiction novel published in 2009. I have read many of Stephen King's books so why I had not read this one may have a little to do with the fact that it is almost 1100 pages. It had a TV series built around it but I never watched it because I thought I would eventually read it, which I finally did earlier this year.  

I have been a little cautious over the years in reading the Stephen King books I have read because they are just scary.   Under The Dome was a mixture of some scary things, interesting plot, and especially a study of the people suddenly sealed off in a small New England town.

A force field came down over the town and the people were trapped. Families were split. There was no escape.  King knows exactly what scares people and the plot covers most of them.

The cast of people is one that fits the setting perfectly. The hero is a Iraq veteran and the villain is, Big Jim Rennie, a local power broker.

The psychological insight into the minds and motives of the small town people is right on target.

The book reminds me of his book "The Stand" in how a large cast of characters bring about the plot. It is well worth the reading. Glad I skipped the TV series.