William F. Buckley was a Believer

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Yes, he passed away 10 years ago, but Buckley has a new book out.

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WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY Jr. (1925-2008)



My next post will discuss how to find the characters in our own life story plot or even if we are just dreamers of perhaps planning to write a novel.  The idea of of a master mind alliance will be discussed. WFB would fit well into this type of alliance. 











Photograph by Ben White

Photograph by Ben White

William F. Buckley  Jr. died in 2008, but he has a new book that has been just released, "A Torch Kept Lit". James Rosen, his editor over many years put the book together. It is 50 eulogies that WFB wrote. They are in 3 main catagories. Those close friends and family, successful people in general, and then those he didn't like. I found it particularly interesting to read some of those from the "not liked" group".  More on that later on. 

WFB is one of my favorite authors. He was considered the most influential conservative in the last century and he influenced the entire country and brought some real support to the movement. On the other hand he may seem more "center of the road today".

I like him not so much because of his approach to conservatism but for a lot of other things.

First and most important to me is his life long support for his own Catholic Faith.  He often expressed his love for the religion.  So many intellectuals are quick to tell you that they are not "believers".  It seems to be a badge of honor for them.  WFB never lost his faith.

WFB would not have achieved the recognition that he did without his first book, God & Man at Yale.  It came out right after his graduation and took a strong position against the University's approach to teaching. He named professors by name and wrote that a University ought to present both sides of things. Liberalism shouldn't not be the only approach discussed. Religion ought not to be taught only by non believers.

I loved to listen to WFB talk. His use of words was really interesting. He said that he loved to used the words he did because they were the right words. You, of course, would have to know what they meant to know that. 

The eulogy on Ayn Rand in his new book is one I wanted to mention.  He said that the first time he met her she came up and asked him why someone as intelligent as he was believed in God.  He mentioned that she also said of herself that she was the 2nd most influential philosopher next to Aristotle.  She is known for a couple of books which I will mention (Atlas Shrugged &  The Fountainhead ) but this quote ought to go on her tombstone in my opinion. She said "Greed is Good, Compassion is Bad". She added: Capitalism rewards the rich (good) and punishes the poor (even better, cause they deserve it) 

(Wow, her books won't be on my recommended reading list)