Kids Hearts

 “The heart has its reasons of which reason                     knows nothing”.  

This is a quote by Blaise Pascal, a French Religious Philosopher.  It illustrates the belief that kindness is not an intellectual decision, but one that the heart makes without motive. 

Kids are an excellent example of this. They seem to know right off whether they like you or whether they sense you don't like them. There hearts are so sensitive perhaps due to the fact that they are really without guile.

My own son was a good example of this. At a very young age we were often surprised when he would tell us, or show us, that some new person, often an adult we had a good relationship with, was someone he just didn't like. In some cases it was many years later that we saw that same person differently and just realized that our son was right. 

What a joy it is to be with young children who are without guile and just respond to their hearts. I just love being with these kids.