All Life Matters

Recently I saw a article in the HUFFPOST titled "Animals Have As Much Right To Live As Human Beings". The title caught my interest. I have often posted pictures of animals, birds, and even bugs with the caption that "All Life Matters". I saw a post the other day where, above a picture of a unique animal, someone had said that it had as much of a right to its life as humans do.

I was fascinated with the impact that the Wolf's * reintroduction into Yellowstone had on the environment and other animals and have always felt that all life is connected. 

All life does indeed need to be respected, but in doing so it does make you feel like your "in tune" and doing the right thing.

What about all life? Do we really believe that all life deserves the chance to live the life they were entitled to? What about human life? Are those born in the darkest poorest country just as deserving as those born in such favorable circumstances as the richer more successful countries? Is the difference just the luck of the draw.

Is it consistent to feel so sad when we see Elephants slaughtered and then just assume that young children who lost their parents in war, and are begging on the streets, are just dealing with their own circumstances of chance in their birth location? If we believe that "All Life Matters", then we ought to mean it.

I wish, as I ponder this, that I had a great solution. Getting government to make a difference might be a solution?  Even though the solution isn't obvious; the least we can do is decide that all humans deserve a quality life.

*see review American Wolf, A True Story Of Survival And Obsession In The West by Nate Blakeslee