2018 Reading Statistics

In preparing to post to this site I read for the 2018 posts 190 books. 100 of that total had been read in previous years but 90 were read during this calendar year.

Categories of Books Reviewed

Total Book Reviews Posted 190

Non Fiction Books-12

Non Fiction Reading & Writing-6

Non Fiction Life Insights/Self Help-19



Classic / Literature-29

Autobiography & Biography-29

Points of View Religion-16

Points of View Political & Philosophy-7


All Books Reviewed on this Site are listed Alphabetically

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Top 10 Books 2018

  1. Hillbilly Elegy, by J.D. Vance **

2. Educated, by Tara Westover

3. Every Note Played, by Lisa Genova  

4.American Wolf Nate Blakeslee

5. Us Against You, by Fredrik Backman

6. Human Acts, a Novel, by Han Kang

7. All The Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr

8. The Last Wild Men of Borneo, by Carl Hoffman

9.  Beartown, by Fredrik Backman

10. The World's Strongest Librarian, by Josh Hanagarne

** Hillbilly Elegy was on this site #1 in 2017 ALSO!

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