Some Books Read - but Not Reviewed Yet. 


Armstrong, Karen, Islam

Akhmatova, Anna, Poems

Abrams, Art state of New Mexico

Andrus, Hyrum L,God, Man and the Universe

Andrus, Hyrum L ,Doctrines of the Kingdom

Andrus, Hyrum L, Principles of Perfection

Auster, Paul, The Red Notebook 

Austen, Jane, Sense and Sensibility

Archimbaud, Nicholas d’ , Louvre

Alexander, Thomas G.,Things in Heaven and Earth

Arrington, Leonard J.,Brigham Young American Moses

Ashton, Marvin, The Measure of Our Hearts

Bettelhelm, Bruno,The uses of enchantment

Black, Susan Easton Expressions of Faith       Testimonies of LDS  Scholars

Boswell, James,The life of Samuel Johnson

Brown, David Blayney,Romanticism

Brown, Dan,The Da Vinci Code

Buckley, William F. Jr.,Patron Saint of the       Conservatives

Buckley, William F. Jr., Atlantic High

Buckley, William F. Jr., Right Reason

Buckley, William F. Jr, Cancel your own GD     Subscription

Bloom, Alan, The Closing of the American Mind

Bloom, Harold, The American Religion

Bloom, Harold, Ruin the sacred truths

Bloom, Harold, Ernest Hemingway Modern Critical Views

Bloom, Harold, The book of J

Bloom, Harold, Yeats

Bloom, Harold, Chelsea House, critical views of Hemingway

Bloom, Harold, The Visionary Company

Bloom, Harold, Best Poems English               Language

Bryan, Cameron, The Artist’s way at work

Basbanes, Nicholas, Patience & Fortitude

Brookner, Ania, Romanticism and its               discontents

Browning, Elizabeth & Robert, The Love Poems

Best, Victoria, An introduction twentieth          century French Literature

Buckingham & Cottman, First break all the rules

Burton, Betsy, The Kings English

Bytheway, John, Righteous Warriors

Bushman, Richard, Joseph Smith Rough Stone Rolling

***Books without Authors

Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, Holy Bible (King James Version), Living Biographies & Famous Novelists, The Worlds 100 best Short Stories, Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam,        Joseph Smith Papers

Campbell W. John, Book of Great Books

Chavez, Denise, The last of the Menu Girls

Carr, Edward, What is history

Cahill, Thomas, How the Irish saved              civilization

Cameron, Julia, The Artist’s Way

Collins, Bradley, Leonardo, Psychoanalysis      & Art History

Collins, Jim, Good to Great

Coleridge, The student series of                      English classics

Camus, Albert,The Myth of Sisyphus

Clark, Thomas, Queries & Submissions

Chomsky, Noam,The Indispensable Chomsky Understanding Power

Crowther, Duane S. ,Prophecy Key to the Future

Covey, Stephen R.,Spiritual Roots of Human Relations

Callister, Tad R.,The Infinite Atonement

Duncan, John Ryan, The Magic Never Ends C.S.Lewis

DuBois, W.E.B.,The Souls of Black Folk

Dickens, Charles,A Tale of Two Cities

Dickens, Charles,The Uncommercial Traveler

Dostoevsky, Fyodor, Crime and Punishment

Drucker, Peter F.,Managing in a Time of         Great Change

Davis, John,A History of Wales

Doss, Erika, Twentieth-Century                       American Art

Diefendorf, Elizabeth, Books of the Century

Dennis, Ronald D. ,Welsh Mormon Writings

Durham, G. Homer,N. Eldon Tanner His Life and Service

Dew, Sheri L.,Gordon B. Hinckley Go             Forward with Faith (LDS)

Dunn, Paul H., Dimensions of Life (LDS)

Dunn, Paul H. ,Success

Einstein, Albert, Essays in Science

Eden, Dorothy ,Speak to me of love

Eton, Erying, The Life of Henry B. Erying:         I Will Lead You Along (LDS)

Fadiman, Anne,Ex Libris confessions of       Common Reader

Franklin, Benjamin,Selections Poor Richard Almanac

Fleming, Thomas,The new dealers war FDR and war within WWII

Foster, Thomas C.,How to read literature like a Professor

Freud, Sigmund,Totem and Taboo

Faust, James E.,Finding Light in a Dark World   

Firmage, Edwin B.,An Abundant Life, The       Memoirs of Hugh B. Brown

Firmage, Edwin Brown ,Paul and the Expansion of the Church Today

Ferrell, James L. The Hidden Christ

Frank, Jeffrey, Ike & Dick

Franzen, Jonathan,How To Be Alone

Getty, J. Paul, How To Be A Successful Executive

Glden, Arthur, Memories of a Geisha

Garner, Brian D., Search These Things            Diligently  (LDS)

Guterson, David ,East of the mountain

Gaskill, Alonzo L., The Lost Language of       Symbolism

Gonzales, Laurence, Deep Survival

Grisham, John, The Racketeer

Grisham, John,The Pelican Brief

Grisham, John, The Appeal

Groberg, John H. , Refuge and Reality

Harris, Michael, The End of Absence

Hanff, Helen, Q’s Legacy

Half, Robert, How to get a better job in         this Crazy World

Heller, Joseph, Portrait of an artist as an         old man

Hirsch, Edward,How to read a Poem

Harris, James P.,The Essential James             E.Talmage   (LDS)

Haslam , Mathew J.,John Taylor messenger of Salvation

Hinckley, Gordon B. ,Standing for Something

Hinckley, Gordon B.,Faith The Essence of True Religion

Holland, Jeffery R. ,Christ and The New      Covenant

Hunter, Milton ,The Gospel Through the        Ages

Harrison, Grant Von, Drawing on the Power of Heaven

James, Henry, Daisy Miller

James, Henry, The Turn of the Screw

James, Henry, The Portrait of a Lady

Joyce, James, A Portrait of the Artist as         a young man

Jackson, Phillip W.,John Dewey and the lessons of Art

Kerry, Bob, When I was a young man a           memoir

Koestenbaum, Wayne, Salt

Kierkegaard, Soren , Autobiography

King, Stephen, Hearts in Atlantis

King, Stephen, Revival

King, Stephen, Finders Keepers

King, Stephen, Bazaar of Bad Dreams

Knowles, Elaneor, Howard W. Hunter

Kimball , Spenser W., Miracle of Forgiveness

Kimball, Spenser W., Faith Precedes the Miracle

Kimball, Edward & Andrew, Spenser W. Kimball  (LDS)

Lawrence D.H., Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Lawrence D.H., The First Lady Chatterley

Lawrence D.H., Women in Love

Leveen, Steve , The little guide to your well-read life

Lewis, R.W.B. ,Dante

Lewis, C.S., On Stories and other Essays

Lewis, C.S., Letters to Malcom Chiefly           on Prayer

Listfield, Emity, It was gonna be like Paris

Lindskoog, Kathryn, Finding the Landlord

Lithgow, John, The Poets Corner

Ludlow, Victor L., Unlocking Isaiah in the Book Mormon

Ludlow, Victor L., Isaiah Prophet Seer Poet

Lund, Gerald N.,Hearing the Voice of the Lord      

Mah, Adeline Yen, A Thousand Pieces of Gold

Macaulay, Life of Samuel Johnson  

Morrie, Edmund, Theodore Rex

McCarthy, Pete, McCarthy’s Bar

Morrison, Toni, Sula

Monson, Thomas, Live the Good Life

Monson, Thomas, Inspiring Experiences that Build Faith

Mayle, Peter, French Lessons: Adventure       w/knife fork corkscrew

Major, David, 100 one-night reads

Molloy, John T., Dress for Success

Miller, Johnathan, Amarillo in August

McCullough, David, 1776

McLarty, Ron, The memory of running

Mill, John Stuart Mill, Autobiography

Madsen, Truman, Joseph Smith the Prophet

Madsen, Truman, Eternal Man

Madsen, Truman, Defender of the Faith, The B.H. Roberts Story

Marsh, W. Jeffery,The Light Within

Millet, Robert L., Men of Valor

Millet, Robert L., Coming to Know Christ

McConkie, Bruce, Mormon Doctrine

McConkie, Bruce,The Mortal Messiah

McKay, David O.,Pathways to Happiness

McMurrin, Sterling M.,Religion, Reason, and Truth

Niven, Alastair, D.H. Lawrence

Nabokov, Vladimir, Lectures on Literature

Nabokov, Vladimir, Autobiography

Nibley, Hugh, Nibley on Timely & Timeles

Nguyen/Hughes, When Faith Endures

Nelson Lee, Mormon Fortune Builders

Nixon, Richard, No More Vietnam’s

Nixon, Richard, Exile

Nixon, Richard,In The Arena

Nixon, Richard, Seize The Moment

Nixon, Richard, Beyond Peace

Nixon, Richard, 1999 Victory without War

Nixon, Richard, RN: The Memoirs of Richard Nixon

Ondaaje, Redhill   Lost Classics

Osgood, Charles, Poetry Speaks

Oaks, Dallin H., With full purpose of heart

Oaks, Dallin H.,  The Lord’s Way

Oaks, Dallin H., Pure in Heart

Okazaki, Chieko N., Cat’s Cradle

Percy Bysshe Shelly, Translator of Plato/The Banquet

Powell, John, Unconditional Love

Powell, John,The secret of staying in love

Powers, Lyall H.,The Portrait of a Lady, Maiden, Woman Heroine

Phillips, Bill, Body for life

Plato, The Collected Dialogues

Plato, The Republic

Perry L., Tom, Lee Tom Perry

Prince & Wright, David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism

Petersen, Boyd J., Hugh Nibley A Consecrated Life

Perry, L. Tom, An Uncommon Life

Parrish, Alan, John A. Widtsoe

Parry, Jay and Donald, Parables of Jesus Christ

Quindlen, Anna, Still Life With Bread Crumbs

Rabinowitz & Kaplan,Passion for Books

Rostenberg & Stern, Old books and rare friends

Richter, Peter ,Georgia O’Keeffe and            Alfred Stieglitz

Richards, LeGrand, Marvelous Work and      Wonder

Romney, Marion G., Learning for the Eternities

Roberts, B. H.,Mormon Doctrine of Deity

Roberts, B. H., Studies Book of             Mormon

Salinger, J.D., Nine Stories

Stendhal, Red and Black

Soukup, Ruth,How to Blog for Profit

Sill, Sterling W.,The Majesty of Books

Sayer, George, Jack: A life of C.S.Lewis

Sheilds, David, Enough about you

Sontag, Susan, At The Same Time:                  Essays And Speeches

Stanley & Danko,The Millionaire Next Door

Stephens, James, Traditional Irish Fairy        Tales

Stein, Gertrude, Picasso

Stevenson, Robert Louis, Kidnapped

Sarte, Jean-Paul,The words The                      Autobiography

Sedaris, David, Me talk pretty one day

Smith, Joseph F., Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith

Swinton Heidi, Thomas S. Monson To The Rescue

Skouson, W. Cleon, The Second Thousand Years

Skouson, W. Cleon, The Fourth Thousand Years

Skouson, W. Cleon, The Third Thousand Years

Smith Jr, Joseph, The Journal of Joseph

Tolstoy, Leo, Walk in the light and twenty-three talks

Thomas, Dylan, The Love Letters of

Thomas, Dylan, Collected Poems

Tryntje, Van Ness, Dylan Thomas in New York

Trevor, William, Felicias Journey

Trout, Jack, Big Brands Big Troubles

Thoreau, Henry David, Natural History Essays

Talmage, James, Jesus The Christ

Talmage, James, Articles of Faith  (LDS)

Tate, Lucile C., LeGrand Richards: Beloved     Apostle

Vendler, Helen,  Words chosen out of desire

Widtsoe, John, Rational Theology

Widtsoe, John, Discourses of Brigham           Young

Whitman, Walt, Leaves of Grass

White, Edmund,  Marcel Proust

White, Edmund, The Flaneur/a Stroll              through Paradoxes of Paris

Wilson, Douglas, Honor’s Voice                      Transformation of Lincoln

Woolf, Virginia,To the Lighthouse

Webster-Merriam,Dictionary American Writers

Yeats, William Butler,Early Poems

Yeats, William Butler, Love Poems the Secret Rose

Yorganson, Blaine, Secrets

Yokoyama, John, When Fish Fly

Zola, Emile,The Masterpiece

Zinn, Howard,   Peoples History  U.S.