Obviously doing service for others is "good".  I have included Service and Kindness on this blog as key items that helps shape "our own self identity", as well as doing some good. It influences our "Life Story" because we see our self differently when we see our self helping others.

When we look back at the events of our life we connect them into a story and we form a narrative for it.  The service we have done connects to other outcomes and feelings we have had.  It becomes part of what defines us. 

Looking at the possible reasons we would spend time serving others shows a variety of possible priorities. Maybe some serve because they think they should and fear that God will punish them if they don't. Maybe others serve because they like the way the service looks to others. Some perhaps serve because they see a need, or are asked to help, and they do. Others may have strong feelings of concern or even love for those in need, and respond by helping. Other just love God and see those in need as their brothers and sisters, and God's children too. They know that God would want them to help.  Another good reason, and probably the best, is maybe they just love God and they know he would want them to help and that is enough, and so they do.  It seem clear that there is a "hierarchy of reasons" on why to serve. It also seems like that whatever the reason, good comes from it, and we ought to serve.

When we help others we forget our own problems.  

US News and World Report magazine, in an article in April 2012, said that "volunteering improves the health, happiness, and in some cases, the longevity of those who help".  They also said that children who volunteer are more likely to grow up to be adults who volunteer." In the same article it said that "Psychological well-being, and happiness go up as feelings of "social connectedness" goes up. 

You  have to share your life story in some way in order to make a connection in your relationships.  You also can make a connection just by helping others. 

Isn't it interesting that service allows you to care. You "feel your feelings"!  Your service is a connection that becomes a new part of you. It influences your self identity.  It is a key part of the core message of this blog.

In order to make a difference you likely will have to get your hands dirty. Go out and help someone! Do some good! "Feel your feelings". Do something positive!