Quotes by Brent M. Jones (List)

Quotes by Brent M. Jones

"The goodness of people Is often blurred with each day. The life story reveals, what's, in the way"

"Solutions of puzzles often require the recognition of patterns. Life is a puzzle!"

"I think therefore I am. "Really? Maybe the truth is, "You are, therefore, you think"

"Sometimes beauty is not what is in front of you but what it makes you think about and how it makes you feel."

"Nature brings us beauty as a filter for our minds and thoughts"

"The beauty of nature is felt first by the soul"

"Flowers are accessories added by the creator to what was already a masterpiece"

 "If your world is black and white, add flowers"

"Living Art, brings appreciation of Life"

"Nothing in life is guaranteed except change, and I guess that could change"

"The sunset brings color and delight to a day of thoughts. Thoughts follow Light"

"Spring again and again each year, gives life meaning and points the way to living life the fullest, each day." 

"Sometimes the Higher Good is surrounded with darkness. Good Friends are those that help and inspire you to a higher good."

"All life matters and has a noble purpose of it's own."  

"Now is always important"

"Best Day Ever-It might as well be your favorite         It is all you have"

"Good Laws and Good People work well. Good People and Bad Laws still can work. Bad People and Good Laws seldom work. Bad People and Bad Laws never work.”

"The greatest Art is not Created, It is found"

"Stand in the Light if you want to cast a shadow."

"Appreciate Nature, it Lives. All Life Matters"

"Don't air your dirty laundry, hang it in the sun and let the light shine on it".  

Yes, I can do it or toss it aside, but the key is to finish it if I choose to do it. Goals are fine but finish what you start

Down or across the street are people living in need. Some, alone with no one who cares for them. Start on your own street and find those who will benefit by your kindness and service.

Kindness is a reflection of our own art, poetry, and communication. How do we feel?  Our actions become the canvas that the we put our feelings on. You don’t need a good reason to be kind. You just need to be kind

Service and Kindness probably surpass the need for food in the world today. The need is not found by looking to see who is sitting on the corner asking for it. You have to take your two hands and go find and fill the need

Love is infused into the child and it learns to love. Love is renewed into the adult and their love becomes stronger

Keep on learning as long as your here in this life, because when you go, your knowledge is the only thing that you can take with you

Happiness is contagious                            Happiness anticipates                                Happiness is patient                                      Happiness is natural

"The fight you lose is the one you learn from. If you knew you would lose and you fought anyway then you learned even more."

"When the last tree is gone, and the last river is poisoned and the last fish has been caught then we will realize that we have passed on but didn't go to heaven.  Protect these precious creations." 

"When you tell me your story or about yourself I understand who you are and are able to share who I am better."

"The earth can not be owned by man. It can be used on loan. We have a stewardship to the land and need to take care and protect it. The earth has a spirit and it is bigger and stronger than any mans effort to destroy it." 

"Old often rusted automobiles have stories to tell. Some try to hide under the rust or dirt. The stories are still there. Old Autos inspire. They Inform. They are their own art form." 

"Do we really have knowledge or is this really only a Rhetorical Question? Consider that we never gain all knowledge."

"All knowledge is connected to more knowledge"

"Dancing is joyful, Have Joy in your life"

“Write about the details, in detail.”

"Knowing which rule to break probably means you picked the wrong rule"

"When you think of all that goes into what you write you realize that only you see all that is needed and all that it takes. Most of it is never seen by the reader." 

"Writing Thoughts: Stop Look & Listen and write it and then you will always have it."

"Dad's Works makes you understand what a grownup is. Send a good message it will be the most important thing you will ever do"

"Reading qualifies and counts as experience, in my book.'

“Strong men cry. Stronger men cry or laugh with them.”

"A snail carries its home on its back. Since it is always home it doesn't have to hurry and it only moves for a reason.”

"Receiving unconditional love is safer with animals. Maybe it makes giving it as a human easier."

"Love is not a feeling, it is feeling"

"Be yourself and see who you find"

"A life sparkles in the fall but the seasons together tell it all." 

"Happiness is the most intelligent choice"

"If an elephant can grieve for the loss of a child or companion and if it can remember it's grief for decades, then mankind owes the elephant the respect not to hunt them for money. Some stories need to be told because they need to be told."

"Dream your story and then write your story. Live your dream"

"Vintage references makes you feel good if your one that identifies with it. Use vintage where it really fits. You need to know what feelings it will evoke."

"When it is all said and done all you have left is who you are." 

"The light shines and darkness leaves. Find the light. Find the right" 

"Innocence is what is precious about life. No other experience can compare. Cherish it."

“Families help us learn what unconditional love is

 "How we feel about our families teaches us and helps us know the importance of feeling."

“A special breed of cows have legs shorter on the one side than the other so they can walk along the side of on hills. The breed is known as "Lean Beef

"We reflect the color of our thoughts".

"Roots of value have to be below the surface in healthy soil.

"For prayer you don't have to close your eyes or even look up to find an answer you just have to want an answer to come, and then ask."

"Some flowers blush sensing their own beauty and the love they feel from us"

"When leaves turn bright colors in the fall they make one last effort to compete with the flowers

"Inside down deep a dancer lives. One way or another the dancer will get loose eventually."

"The right hand doesn't know what the left is doing but the legs and knees are ok."

"Rationalization precedes personal private indulgences. No good thought goes unrewarded"

"Kindness is not an intellectual decision it is one the heart makes without any motive."

"The heart knows what the soul feels but you have to take a step forward for it to make any difference"

"Words are like the wind. They will blow away your own footsteps but they will also blow away the footsteps and thoughts of others. Use them wisely and with care."

"Sometimes you can see where the trail will lead and you still have to have faith you picked the right trail to start."