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Miniature Autos

Making Rust Paint

To make rust paint, take steel wool put in a cup & add water (experiment but the water will need to cover the metal and then dry), Mash the steel wool when first put in the water but then after it has dried. Stir & the mash the steel wool into a powder with a metal tool, until the steel wool is a mix & fine powder that becomes the rust paste base. Add back very small amounts of water and use as a paint. 

Old often rusted automobiles......

..........have stories to tell. Some try to hide under the rust or dirt.  The stories are still there & they will take you back to a time and place. Old Autos inspire. Each has their own unique rust variation. They Inform. They are their own art form.

Miniatures Created with Rust

Rust is a Favorite Color

Rust is a Passionate Color

May 19, 2018

Rust is a passionate color, rich with warm-orange, brick-red, mustard-yellow and the combinations seem to be endless as ones emotions are stimulated when fond memories come front and center. Rust let's us know that an  old and perhaps otherwise worthless car, has a history and a story to share if your willing to listen. 

When a really great restored old car is found you may find yourself thinking, "Wow, That car is so cool, that era was so cool." As you caress the car with your eyes the remembering "back in the days" floods your memories and sends you back in time. When you see the same type of car all rusted out you still may think of the time and place, but your thoughts will be deeper and perhaps longing with nostalgia .

The car seems to be still be alive, if only in the remembering. Will a rusted 55 Chevy take you back in to that time any faster than a restored one? The restored one may take you back to a particular car and time but perhaps the rusted version leaves your mind open to looking deeper.

The rusted out car doesn't smell new. The doors (if they work at all) sound different if they close. The surface of rust may break and crumble if you rub your hands over it. Is it really a car or is it a spirit of a car?

The spirit of the car brings back feelings, memories and emotions and allows for that moment in time to transfer to the "now." 

Rust is beautiful. Rust is the color of timelessness.









Treasures of Rust

Thoughts About Rust


Rust is a unique color and reflects it's own message. Iron oxide is made by the reaction of iron and oxygen when water is present. Even the moisture in the air triggers the reaction.