Quotes by Brent M. Jones

Flowers Dance

Flowers dance, reaching for the Sun, reaching for the Light

Today is Tommorrow

Live fully Today. Tomorrow never comes, and it is often too late anyway.

Hang On

Hanging on always beats the alternative, most of the time!

Happy Now

"Just be happy right now, that is enough" 

Today is a Gift

I have to use it. I can't save it. I can waste it or use it wisely. It is my choice. Thankful for the day. 


Without meetings we wouldn't know when the next meeting is! 

Sales Meetings

Welcome, thanks for coming, for the next 29 days we will be holding a non-stop sales meeting on why were not making enough sales calls


Writing your Masterpeice

To write your masterpiece write about your mother touching your hand and face and looking you in the eye and telling you everything will be find and sending you on to do what you needed to do.