Quotes 12/22/2017 to 1/1/2018

Quotes by Brent M. Jones

Fight and Learn

"The fight you lose is the one you learn from. If you knew you would lose and you fought anyway then you learned even more."

Earth Protected

"When the last tree is gone, and the last river is poisoned and the last fish has been caught then we will realize that we have passed on but didn't go to heaven.  Protect these precious creations."  

Your Story

"When you tell me your story or about yourself I understand who you are and are able to share who I am better." 

Earth Stewardship

"The earth can not be owned by man. It can be used on loan. We have a stewardship to the land and need to take care and protect it. The earth has a spirit and it is bigger and stronger than any mans effort to destroy it."  

Old Autos

"Old often rusted automobiles have stories to tell. Some try to hide under the rust or dirt. The stories are still there. Old Autos inspire. They Inform. They are their own art form."  

Knowldege Rhetorical

"Do we really have knowledge or is this really only a Rhetorical Question? Consider that we never gain all knowledge."



"All knowledge is connected to more knowledge.


Dancing is joyful, Have Joy in your life


“Write about the details, in detail.”


"Knowing which rule to break probably means you picked the wrong rule"


Writers & Icebergs

"When you think of all that goes into what you write you realize that only you see all that is needed and all that it takes. Most of it is never seen by the reader."  


All life matters and reflect the beauty of creation


Life Matters

All Life Matter


Why Write

"Writing Thoughts: Stop Look & Listen and write it and then you will always have it."


Reality is just a rumor that just never goes away.