Quotes November 21st, 2017

Quotes by Brent M. Jones

Dad's Work

Your Dad makes you understand what a grownup is. Send a good message it will be the most important thing you will ever do


Reading qualifies and counts as experience, in my book.

Men Cry

“Strong men cry. Stronger men cry or laugh with them.”

Snails are Home

"A snail carries its home on its back. Since it is always home it doesn't have to hurry and it only moves for a reason.” 

Unconditional Love

"Receiving unconditional love is safer with animals. Maybe it makes giving it as a human easier."


"Love is not a feeling, it is feeling"

Be Yourself

"Be yourself and see who you find"



"A life sparkles in the fall but the seasons together tell it all."  


"Happiness is the most intelligent choice"




If an elephant can grieve for the loss of a child or companion and if it can remember it's grief for decades, then mankind owes the elephant the respect not to hunt them for money. Some stories need to be told because they need to be told.

Write you Dream

Dream your story and then write your story. Live your dream


Vintage references makes you feel good if your one that identifies with it. Use vintage where it really fits. You need to know what feelings it will evoke. 

Life Matters

All life should be treasured. All life matters.  


When it is all said and done all you have left is who you are.  

Light & Darkness

The light shines and darkness leaves. Find the light. Find the right.