Quotes December 2017

Quotes by Brent M. Jones

Fight and Learn

The fight you lose is the one you learn from. If you knew you would lose and you fought anyway then you learned even more

Earth Protected

When the last tree is gone, and the last river is poisoned and the last fish has been caught then we will realize that we have passed on but didn't go to heaven.  Protect these precious creations.  

Your Story

When you tell me your story or about yourself I understand who you are and are able to share who I am better. 

Earth Stewardship

The earth can not be owned by man. It can be used on loan. We have a stewardship to the land and need to take care and protect it. The earth has a spirit and it is bigger and stronger than any mans effort to destroy it.  

Old Autos

Old often rusted automobiles have stories to tell. Some try to hide under the rust or dirt. The stories are still there. Old Autos inspire. They Inform. They are their own art form.  

Knowldege Rhetorical

Do we really have knowledge or is this really only a Rhetorical Question? Consider that we never gain all knowledge

Quotes November 21st, 2017

Quotes by Brent M. Jones


If an elephant can grieve for the loss of a child or companion and if it can remember it's grief for decades, then mankind owes the elephant the respect not to hunt them for money. Some stories need to be told because they need to be told.

Write you Dream

Dream your story and then write your story. Live your dream


Vintage references makes you feel good if your one that identifies with it. Use vintage where it really fits. You need to know what feelings it will evoke. 

Life Matters

All life should be treasured. All life matters.  


When it is all said and done all you have left is who you are.  

Light & Darkness

The light shines and darkness leaves. Find the light. Find the right.


Quotes November 12th 2017

Quotes by Brent M. Jones

Dad's Work

Your Dad makes you understand what a grownup is. Send a good message it will be the most important thing you will ever do


Reading qualifies and counts as experience, in my book.

Men Cry

“Strong men cry. Stronger men cry or laugh with them.”

Snails are Home

"A snail carries its home on its back. Since it is always home it doesn't have to hurry and it only moves for a reason.” 

Unconditional Love

"Receiving unconditional love is safer with animals. Maybe it makes giving it as a human easier."




Quotes November 2017

Quotes by Brent M. Jones


"Love is not a feeling, it is feeling"

Be Yourself

"Be yourself and see who you find"



"A life sparkles in the fall but the seasons together tell it all."  


"Happiness is the most intelligent choice"


Quotes by Brent M. Jones


People laugh seeking connection, reassurance and wanting to belong and be part of something.  Always laugh with not at people. 


Words do not create change as much as example does. Be the example.  


Today is always a great day to be alive.  


So many years. Time seals the verdict. Still crazy, still in love, Still happy to be alive.  


Hearts feel,  meaning resonates, resistance sings, words connects and music finishes.


Quotes by Brent M. Jones


"The bookshelf mirrors the owners heart and soul."


"Today is a great day to be alive".

In a 100 years

"100 years from now, your degree, house & money won't matter. What matters is that you were important in the life of a child"

Pumpkin named Bob

I named my pumpkin Bob. Bob can have a big smile or frown on his face, but a choice has to be made. October is Bob's favorite month. Happy October Bob.




Quotes by Brent M. Jones

Table of Life

"No matter where your place at the table is the most important work you do in life has everything to do with the table." 

What we Become

"It is not what we do in life it is what we become.  Who we are not what we have."


"Rust is a season of color, a wonderful fall color."


"Spring  brings out the child in us, our love of nature, and excitement for each day. When winter comes we put on a heavy coat cause it is cold". 


"Every day is a going to be a memory. Make good ones and take pictures."  


Words are like air currents. You can float on them or go where every you want with them, if you master the currents"




Quotes by Brent M. Jones

“Sun shines on my back as I walk away
Sun shines on my chest as I return
The fall air is crisp and fresh
It is enough, All is well with the world.”


"Even on a cloudy day you can find light in solitude"

Life Trail

Sometimes the trail of life retraces its path a few times but as you go back over it you will find that it is the same but it is different.

Years of Marraige

Each knew the truth, they were both "Still Crazy after all these years"
Time seals the verdict. 


"Innocence is what is precious about life. No other experience can compare. Cherish it."


 “Families help us learn what unconditional love is”

 "How we feel about our families teaches us and helps us know the importance of feeling."




Green Eyes

"Green eyes blend with nature. They are natural and suggest life appreciated and a oneness with nature."

Big Boy Pants

"Come on dad, keep going, I put my big-boy paints on for this."

Short-Legged Cows

“A special breed of cows have legs shorter on the one side than the other so they can walk along the side of on hills. The breed is known as "Lean Beef

Thoughts are Light

"We reflect the color of our thoughts". 


"Roots of value have to be below the surface in healthy soil."



Several Quotes


When you sit on and then move with a horse you feel how powerful he is, but you never admit how weak you really are.


You don't have to close your eyes or even look up to find an answer you just have to want an answer to come, and then ask.

Flowers Blush

Some flowers blush sensing their own beauty and the love they feel from us

Leaves Compete

When leaves turn bright colors in the fall they make one last effort to compete with the flowers

Dancer Inside

Inside down deep a dancer lives. One way or another the dancer will get loose eventually.


I love it when you stare at me but my arrogance is entirely your fault.


Several Quotes


"Rationalization precedes personal private indulgences. No good thought goes unrewarded"


Hi Beautiful

"Uplifting greetings bring a better spirit to your relationship"


"Scratch it if it itches, unless it is your nose then just casually touch it."

Stand Up

Stand up! Stand up for things that matter!


The frog became a prince. The young girl believed and that made the difference. People become who they think they are.


The magic of a tree is metaphorical. It celebrates its place. I brings comfort and beauty. Trees celebrate life.


All portraits reveal both the the painter and the person painted.  In many ways all paintings are self-portraits All part of why art informs

Several Quotes

Quotes by Brent M. Jones


"Kindness is not an intellectual decision it is one the heart makes without any motive."

The Heart

"The heart knows what the soul feels but you have to take a step forward for it to make any difference"


Words are like the wind. They will blow away your own footsteps but they will also blow away the footsteps and thoughts of others. Use them wisely and with care.


It will always be now. Still tomorrow will come. If we do our best now, tomorrow will be better.


Today is a gift to use wisely I can't save it or waste it. It is my choice. I am thankful for the day. Each day Matters. 



Several Quotes

Quotes by Brent M. Jones

Autumn Matters

In the fall nature informs of its artistic side. It continues to confirm the beauty of the world.  Nature is art perfected. Natural Beauty Matters.

Raspberries Matter

Raspberries are important and they matter. Even more so if they are Bear Lake Utah Raspberries!


Peaches Matter

Peaches are a part of a life lived well. Peaches Matter!


Where does the Trail Lead

Sometimes you can see where the trail will lead and you still have to have faith you picked the right trail to start.


Look Up

For direction look up. To avoid shadows, look up. To find warmth find the Sun, and look up. 
No need to look back


Quotes by Brent M. Jones

Flowers Dance

Flowers dance, reaching for the Sun, reaching for the Light

Today is Tommorrow

Live fully Today. Tomorrow never comes, and it is often too late anyway.

Hang On

Hanging on always beats the alternative, most of the time!

Happy Now

"Just be happy right now, that is enough" 

Today is a Gift

I have to use it. I can't save it. I can waste it or use it wisely. It is my choice. Thankful for the day. 


Without meetings we wouldn't know when the next meeting is! 

Sales Meetings

Welcome, thanks for coming, for the next 29 days we will be holding a non-stop sales meeting on why were not making enough sales calls


Writing your Masterpeice

To write your masterpiece write about your mother touching your hand and face and looking you in the eye and telling you everything will be find and sending you on to do what you needed to do.





Quotes by Brent M. Jones


Our lives tell a story. Looking as you go isn't the story. Looking back is not final. When you look back you change the story. Look back and tell your story often.  

When you tell your story and I listen we both gain. 

Nothing is guaranteed in this life except change, but I guess that could change! 

Flowers are Sunshine for the Soul  




 Quotes by Brent Jones


Some Lost and Alone
Find peace in the light
Kindness is helping, Others find ligh

Each day the Sun Kisses the Earth Goodnight
Yet no two Sunsets are alike.

Light brings the day
Light leaves the night
Use time wisely
Reach for the light



To change yourself, jump from where you are, but then when you land be willing to fly on to a new place.
-Brent Jones


"You can not be TRUE to yourself and be FALSE to others".
-Brent Jones

Every road leads somewhere. The challenge is to pick the right road and then stay on it.
-Brent Jones


Find the characters for your book from people in your life and then write to help them achieve their destiny.      -Brent Jones


You don't begin with a destiny. It is the sum total of your choices. The first and the last choice are both important.     -Brent Jones