Finding Meaning Through Reading and Your Own Look Back


Stories of outstanding leaders, who look back at their own lives and tell of how their success came because of the trails and setbacks they had in life are not uncommon. It is obvious that they didn't see the value of the problems when they occurred but only after years of rethinking the events. Their self-acceptance of their challenges followed years later.

Previously I wrote an article titled “As You Look at Your Own Life Story You See Yourself Differently” which included background research from Julie Beck's Atlantic Magazine’s 2015 article titled “Life’s Stories”. The sub title of her article states: “How you arrange the plot points of your life into narrative shapes who you are and is a fundamental part of being human.” Your own story is your life and understanding life bests start with that.

Tolstoy got bogged down with understanding the "meaning of life" and suggested that who we are was really the essence of life. Finding meaning is no small task.

Literature is important in everyday life because it connects individuals with larger truths and ideas in a society. Literature creates a way for people to record their thoughts and experiences in a way that is accessible to others, through fictionalized accounts of the experience.

Look over the book reviews posted here often and ponder what to read next.