What about the lady who lives alone in her old age, or the girl with no friends? Kindness seems so one sided. It won't be. Caring will help and you will re shape who you are by being kind to. 

With this winters snow and cold weather some extra new focus has come to the situation the homeless have to face. A local evening news team went out to interview the people facing this on the street. They had verified that there was room in some shelters and had information on where they were. Two guys seemed to take some pride in telling the news team that they were not going to the shelter. They said they felt they would be ok and that they preferred to be outside.

Of course they got the camera time. Did this mean that most of or many of the homeless felt that way? Of course not. When no solution to the problem seems clear sometimes the problem just gets forgotten.  

Street people-linda-xu.jpg

Do we even see the street people or do we just take them for being part of the street art?