Use these Tools


Use these tools to program your subconsious: A notebook and calendar.  A journal, paper files, electronic files, 3 ring binders, more permanent writing books, ect.

Just the process of organizing a Journal and writing a Life Story will result in your rethinking your life. You will reinvent yourself in a good way even it you don't plan on that.  Important events, and how you felt about them. Important people who had an impact on your life. How you felt about your experiences. Under the Heritage Tab is a idea about writing a important story remembered each week this year.

Journals are daily tools that will help you.  Writing things down is a "secret shortcut direct path" to the brain. If you write it down it records on your brain.

So here is one approach I have used for many many years. Each day I have a notebook. It is inside a red leather folder and makes it look more expensive. I date the page each day. I write down everything that happens that I need to remember. I  transfer some of it to a calendar on the date I need to do something about it if I don't plan to do it that day.  I transfer some of it to a file holding area.  I put some in a permanent file for reference.

 At the end of the day, and first thing each day, I look at the lis, re-read it and mark it on the far left side as to what happened.  I put a check mark if it is done. I put a file symbol (I have one for a paper file, computer file on hard file) and then if needed I put it on the calendar to look at the particular file on a certain day and move a copy of the item to the file.  

First step is write it down. Make a decision about it. Decide when your going to act on it.

Add to this simple approach another idea. Each day find a good quote. I have a tab for that. Put it on the page and read it several times a day. Change it every day.  These two approaches will cause you to reinvent yourself. If not a quote something postive and inspirational but quotes work