Healthy Life Styles

What we eat has an impact on our ability to remember. It can influence your self image. A healthy life style is about food, fresh air and exercise. Respect for your body. Going outside is important.

We have to want to do better. We need to care about our self. The food we eat and our lifestyle make a difference.   Running can fool you. You can feel like you have a healthy life still and it can take so much of your time that it can become your total goal. Balance should be the goal. Being open to looking into yourself and finding the connections that tie you to your thinking and habits can be made more possible if your healthy. 


Does being "Closer to Nature" help us?


Is this the right goal for you?

Well if it is, then wow, Glad for you! How many people go out as weekend warriors because they want to get closer to nature? Are they really prepared?  Both a Healthy Life Style and spending time in nature can be about balancing. Balance your time and find time for your "inner self".