If a Job Option Just Feels Right, Is That Enough,

 By Brent M. Jones


Maybe your out of a job and just didn’t see it coming? Perhaps you never expected it to happen and just didn’t think about what a network of contacts really was before?  Maybe you just found a job without a lot of effort and it seemed like the perfect job?  You just tell yourself it just feels right.

Making a choice based on how it feels is still just a choice of best options available. It doesn’t guarantee that the choice will work out and it is what happens next that is really the most important part of the decision.  What will be required of us after we make the choice. Before we can envision how we will function in the new job we have to have some insight into how it will be different.

If you didn’t talk to suppliers, current and past employees, and customers of your potential new employer you still need to. Can you see yourself succeeding in this job?

If your gut is telling you whether to take the job or not it is important to listen, because your gut is an extension of your instincts. Is it intuition or fear that your listening to? Would more facts change those feelings? If there really are more important facts, then find then and listen again.