China Achebe's thoughts on an African Proverb are insightful.

Chinua Achebe is a Nigerian author who is best known for his book Things Fall Apart”, (See Review, click here or on book below) A review has been posted today on another book of his, “Home and Exile”

Achebe discusses, in Home and Exile, an African Proverb that tells us that "until lions produce their own historians, the story will only glorify the hunter."

Achebe can see clearly that many writers portray Africa in ways that they think are expected. A dark and primitive point of view that strips so much of the beauty of the culture away.

This lesson applies to much of what we read of history. The American West has a viewpoint with many of the old writers that does the same thing to the culture of the American Indians. Achebe's message is that Africa will be best served if African authors write about it but likewise we should consider whether our viewpoints as writers are factual or traditional. 

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