Symbolism in Steinbeck's book, The Pearl

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A few symbolic things in this novel are: The pearl, plot, characters, ocean the child but of course there is much more.

Kino is 3rd generation as a pearl diver and the futility of ever doing better is reinforced with the uncertainty of the ocean. The scorpion represents more uncertainty with the sudden presence of evil coming into their lives. It attacks the innocent child and to save her they need anti-venom. Anti-evil to save an innocent child adds blame and irony to the resulting problems of good fortune. Event when the need for the anti-venom goes away a different type of evil from those perusing Kino and his wife kill the innocent child with a stray bullet. 

The Pearl is bigger than any other one previously  found and suggests that the fortunes of this poor family can really change.  When it comes time to toss the pearl back into the ocean the pearl's great value emphasises that good didn't come from potential wealth.