Why Review this book "A Higher Loyalty" by James Comey?


Posted only under daily thoughts because this blog has not, up to now, reviewed political and religious books for the most part. A reason, in part, is the desire to not drive off half or more of those that come to the site. Another reason is that many pick these books to confirm what they already believe. 

Connected Events Matter Site visitors come from 50 + countries and most of the States so diversity of people is a good thing.

James Comey talks in his book about being FBI director for President Obama, and making decisions about his looking into the Clinton "Matter" to release to the press. At least at that point until the day he was fired he had plenty who did not approve of him on both sides of the political aisle.

That seems to me to be the real power of this book, and I do believe it is a powerful and important book. It isn't about, as so many political books are, saying the Republicans or the Democrats are the good or evil choice. The book is really able to separate the problems into what is right and what is wrong.

I have looked at other reviews of the book and it is mystifying to try to understand why people can judge a book by discounting the author because he is tall, and looks down on people?

Comey was a life long Republican and this too is often a focus of the reviews of the book, but does it really make any more difference than how tall he is, if he really cares about the issues of right and wrong that directed his actions.

 I like the book. I take him at his word about his values and appreciate the stands he took.