Why a book blog and why is this one any better than all the others


The image above may suggest the idea of a blog to you? If so then good. If not then try to image the perfect picture to represent a book review blog.

Reviews are often mentioned in posts on Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+. 

O yes, and one more thing. If you check out the current Literary Favorites section you will see a copy of a twitter "Like" by Harold Bloom. If you know who Harold Bloom is then you can join me in a "Wow". 

And O yes again, check out the review of "Educated, a memoir, by Tara Westover". That review got a "Like" on twitter also. 


Yes, "This book blog is different than all the others".

It really isn't selling anything. People could buy things from Amazon, and some may want to buy a book after a review, but then that process is really is not working yet. It may at some point. Not the goal of the blog.

The blog is written by the reviewer and doesn't have other contributors at this point. The books are not just from one genre.  The books reviewed were all read completely by the reviewer who has only reviewed them because they had some impact on him.  So far, almost everything  about this book review blog is different, maybe not necessarily better, but different. 

Is there value in following a reviewer? Well quite a few have followed this blog. Many from other countries. Many seem to come back. The reviews are like any experience reading. What you read has an impact on what you read next.  You may be able to see in the reviews how one might lead to or even compliment another review

Another item to consider: How many book review blogs have a section on Autos+?

So this is an attempt at some comments on the initial question of "why".