Beating my chest some!




Last week I posted a review of Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human. I also did post in the "Literary Favorites" section on Shakespeare. With that done I figured I would just pull the Hamlet review, from a year ago, up to the current post under "Reviews" and I even set up a link back to Falstaff.  Maybe this was too much focus on the Bard?

I often post parts of my regular web site posts on Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter.

I included the following sentences in the Shakespeare book posts on social media: "Harold Bloom is a well-known American literary critic, and Sterling Professor of Humanities at Yale University.   He has written over 40 books and often it is his opinions that  are most interesting and overshadow the book itself.

Well what I am going to say now is probably really just me taking to me, but wow! Harold Bloom liked my review!!!  If your doing much social media then you may understand how great it is to have that happen.  I remember when John Grisham followed me. I was happy about that, but he follows a lot of folks. 

Bloom is someone who I have been a fan of for many, many, years. I may have read all his books or pretty close. So maybe a few folks will find this part of the blog and I will be guilty of beating my chest a little, no actually a lot, but I just thought it was cool.