Who are True Friends

Caleb Church was born on August 8th, 1647 in Plymouth Massachusetts.  He is my great grandfather 10 generations back.  When I first found his connection and name the thought came to me that saying his name alive is something that likely has not been done in a long time.

Will anyone say my name, or your name, on this earth 370 years from now? The more I get to know about those in my families past the more I admire them.

I read a book about Fredrick Law Olmsted who is known as an abolitionist, conservationist, and designer of Central Park and many other famous parks. He was born in 1822 and when I think of the kind of country he grew up in his many accomplishments are something that I admire.

(A book on this man, “Genius of Place” one of the recent               reviews in that section )

When I went to collage I had two friends that seemed to change a lot of things for me.  Both were older and both had completed military obligations. The both seemed to be focused on getting an A in all their classes. I admired them both and their friendship meant a lot to me.

Do we really adopt the mannerisms, the attitudes, and even the conduct of those whom we admire?  Are those that we admire, really, usually our friends? What if the person is just someone in a book? Can they be a true friend?

Yes, to all these questions. I found things in the friends I brought up as examples, that I made changes to adopt for myself. Also yes, I see them as friends even now when one has passed on and the other I don't see anymore.  Yes a good example of a person in a book can be a life long influence for good. 

The reason I would call all these examples friends is in how they have impacted me. Friendship ought to influence us to seek a higher good. Knowing these people made it easier to for me to want to be better and actually changed me for the better. Putting someone else first is a higher good if they have within them virtues that are good or their friendship brings out your own higher good. Being honest and loyal are higher goods. Real friends influence each other to better.