What Does the Secret Life of Bees tell us about Christianity

Sue Ann Monk Kidd was born in Sylvester, Georgia, and attended local schools and she graduated from Texas Christian University.  Her first book, “The Secret Life of Bees” was set in the South and tells of her growing up being taught being taught that Catholic's were wrong and then finding her home with those who embraced much of Catholicism mixed with their own added tender feelings and emphasis.

Kidd’s book reminds me of some of the strong feelings for Catholic beliefs that William F. Buckley often included in his books.

Buckley’s book, “Nearer My God: An Autobiography” used the background of the world war and changing social mores for him to speak out about how his faith had sustained him. It was the softness of his words of appreciation for the rituals and teachings that reminded me of Kidd’s softness and tender approach to Lily’s feelings in her first book as she meet with the black neighbors and family to morn the loss of one of them.

Both Buckley and Kidd deliver an important message of tolerance. Seeing the love of the Lord expressed by others and accepting that it has beauty is the message.