When the Music Runs Out

What happens when the music runs out? Do musicians retire when that happens?  Louis Armstrong said that musicians don't retire, they only stop when there is no more music left in them. Is it possible that we may reach the point when we have no more music left in us. Joan Baez will retire at the end of 2018. Will "her" music be gone?

Music is a connection between our physical self and our very souls. We feel the music. It reflects our heart and deepest feelings. 

Music with scriptures are hymns. We worship through hymns. The feelings of our heart are conveyed in verbal prayer so perhaps prayer is really a form of music? 

Our bodies and faces reflect images of happiness and sadness and music opens those feelings. Singing makes us better. Sometimes we sing for what we long for. We use music to help us get by without things wanted.

When the music is really gone then maybe we have left.